Hands-on Cadaverworkshop

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Hands-on Cadaverworkshop. Interventional Pain Management FIPP preparative Course.

Medicine is an art. Interventional Pain Medicine/Management (IPM) is also an art.

Although the development of the pain specialty from pain management to interventional pain management is relatively a recent phenomenon, the rapid strides in the diagnostic modalities as well as specialized guidance systems for endoscopic and other interventional procedures
has led to exponential rise in the success rates of the procedures. This has further resulted in more and more specialists from divers fields to take
up IPM as their choice of medical practice. Patient safety has always been on the forefront and a priority for the IPM practitioners. A wide range of the IPM practitioners’ educational background, and the divers type and scope of the institutions imparting IPM knowledge and skills to them, necessitated that there should be a standardized qualification for someone to be considered capable to perform IPM safely.

FIPP (Fellow of Interventional Pain Practice) and CIPS (Certified Interventional Pain Sonologist) exams are arranged by The World Institute of Pain (WIP)‘s Section of Pain Practice, to fulfill this need.
Everyone intending to appear in these exams have to go through a pile of literature to be read and acquire sufficient practical training in interventional techniques.

The Budapest exam will be on 27 August 2020 (preceded by the conference/workshop on 24-26 August).
The Istanbul exam will be on 25 October 2020 (preceded by the conference/workshop on 22-24 October).

€ 600 for residents of Radboudumc, ZOL Genk (B) and MUMC+
€ 1.000 for all other participants

Martine Puylaert and Selina van der Wal, program directors

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